HTC One User Guide

Looking for the HTC One User Guide ? then you have come to the right place. When you activate your new phone for 1st time, you’ll be asked to line it up. practise the on-device setup to decide on your net association, choose however you wish to line up your new smartphone.

choose came upon from scratch to line up your accounts and individualise your new phone from your laptop victimization the HTC start service. Your phone shows you the uniform resource locator of the HTC start website and a combine code. On your computer’s applications programme, simply visit the uniform resource locator and enter the combine code to begin your internet setup. you would like Associate in Nursing HTC Account to save lots of your accounts and settings on the net and transfer them to your phone.
If you already finished the HTC start setup before turning on your new phone, simply transfer your internet setup. opt to import content, then choose Apply HTC start setup. If you have got content from Associate in Nursing recent phone, you’ll opt to do an immediate phone-to-phone transfer. to form it easier for you to copy and restore content from HTC One to a different HTC phone within the future, choose copy phone daily.

Setting up your new HTC One Smartphone for the 1st time HTC One User Guide


HTC One User Guide pdf version below